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Pamela Johnson
IMPORTANT UPDATE: 12:59pm CST – Alignment and attunement with Gaia Central is called for at this now moment. Inner Enlightened Earth calls for alignment and attunement, in particular, with dissolution of non-Gaia-serving “protocols” and “paradigms”, and formation of Higher Gaia protocols and paradigms. Alignment and attunement with Essence is essential. ♥♥♥

1:51pm CST – Collapsing shadow forms (“dark” entities) seek retrieval of energies via reverse vortex rotation at local and individual levels. Disruptions in “standard” 3D-4D surface Earth operations and services may result, depending largely upon status of individual and group consciousness levels at those locations. Resistance of such reverse vortices only strengthens the intensity of such, whereas rising above such vortices dis-empowers them. Such situations are temporary only and persist only as long as the individual or group continues to hold on to them, or resist them. Be with the Higher Light. Be in the Higher Light. http://gaiaportal.wordpress.com/2013/07/27/collapsing-shadow-forms-seek-retrieval-of-energies-via-reverse-vortex-rotation/


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