cooperation for life

We all are responsible for the situation on Earth. Do not wait for someone or something to bring harmony, peace, understanding, unity and cooperation. WE have to create it. If we created a hell, we can co-create a Paradise or at least, at first, some balance and harmony. What terrestrials have triggered, terrestrials must transmute. There is a lot to do, mainly within, but without as well. We must clean the earth, air, water, fire and ether. These are the elements which also make up our bodies. As the Arcturians once said, WE are also the Cleaning Crew. We have more than enough scientific means, power, knowledge and the innerfire to do this. What we lack is the ability to choose and apply optimal concentration, committment, dedication, one pointedness, single-mindness, GOODWILL, unselfishness, knowledge,Truth, Oneness.
We must defend All Life, not only here. Life is a Wonder, a Miracle and much more than our different perspectives and personal views. It is our duty and for our global advantage to begin defending Life in all of its’ many and various aspects including children, animals, nature, oppressed folks, endangered native people, catastrophe stricken areas, the hungry, sick, poverty-stricken and old aged. As well as the ill ones who are perverted, distorted, inverted, ignorant and those in a zombie state. Interface with these groups to balance, transmute, harmonize, reconnect and enlighten them to rejoin to Oneness.
Human Rights have been written down but never applied. This because we have put our faith and hope in WORDS not in Deeds. For centuries we have been lead by those who can speak well but act in opposite ways. So we humbly and brotherly intensely advise you all to start COOPERATION FOR LIFE CELLS everywhere upon this Planet and elsewhere possible. These teams are here for LIFE, to assist, defend, clean and cooperate in co-creating New Earth. Once enough Cells are ready, we can join as a Cooperative of Cells, then a Cooperative Organization and so on. The strength we gather will neutralize violent darkness.
PLEASE ANSWER NOW: Do you resonate with this message? YES or NO. If Yes,
Start Now, Contact Us. Send your addresses to Share news-happenings.organizing
Your ideas, suggestions welcome … Thanks
1st momentary address:
2nd mom.address:

GUIDELINES: Operational guidelines will include responsibilities, reports, duties, missions, etc. Manifesting on several levels, we will defend Life in all aspects. Our weapons are goodwill, truth, cooperation, unity, respect, oneness.
p.s. From our Hopi family: “When the Earth is dying, there shall arise a new tribe of all colors and all creeds. This tribe shall be called the Warriors of the Rainbow. It will put its’ faith in actions, not words, to make Earth green again.”
Your ideas, suggestions welcome … Thanks

terra splendida


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