cooperation for life

We all are responsible for the situation on Earth. Do not wait for someone or something to bring harmony, peace, understanding, unity and cooperation. WE have to create it. If we created a hell, we can co-create a Paradise or at least, at first, some balance and harmony. What terrestrials have triggered, terrestrials must transmute. There is a lot to do, mainly within, but without as well. We must clean the earth, air, water, fire and ether. These are the elements which also make up our bodies. As the Arcturians once said, WE are also the Cleaning Crew. We have more than enough scientific means, power, knowledge and the innerfire to do this. What we lack is the ability to choose and apply optimal concentration, committment, dedication, one pointedness, single-mindness, GOODWILL, unselfishness, knowledge,Truth, Oneness.
We must defend All Life, not only here. Life is a Wonder, a Miracle and much more than our different perspectives and personal views. It is our duty and for our global advantage to begin defending Life in all of its’ many and various aspects including children, animals, nature, oppressed folks, endangered native people, catastrophe stricken areas, the hungry, sick, poverty-stricken and old aged. As well as the ill ones who are perverted, distorted, inverted, ignorant and those in a zombie state. Interface with these groups to balance, transmute, harmonize, reconnect and enlighten them to rejoin to Oneness.
Human Rights have been written down but never applied. This because we have put our faith and hope in WORDS not in Deeds. For centuries we have been lead by those who can speak well but act in opposite ways. So we humbly and brotherly intensely advise you all to start COOPERATION FOR LIFE CELLS everywhere upon this Planet and elsewhere possible. These teams are here for LIFE, to assist, defend, clean and cooperate in co-creating New Earth. Once enough Cells are ready, we can join as a Cooperative of Cells, then a Cooperative Organization and so on. The strength we gather will neutralize violent darkness.
PLEASE ANSWER NOW: Do you resonate with this message? YES or NO. If Yes,
Start Now, Contact Us. Send your addresses to Share news-happenings.organizing
Your ideas, suggestions welcome … Thanks
1st momentary address:
2nd mom.address:

GUIDELINES: Operational guidelines will include responsibilities, reports, duties, missions, etc. Manifesting on several levels, we will defend Life in all aspects. Our weapons are goodwill, truth, cooperation, unity, respect, oneness.
p.s. From our Hopi family: “When the Earth is dying, there shall arise a new tribe of all colors and all creeds. This tribe shall be called the Warriors of the Rainbow. It will put its’ faith in actions, not words, to make Earth green again.”
Your ideas, suggestions welcome … Thanks

terra splendida

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OPERATION Cooperation for Life

We live on a planet potentially wonderful to live , if respected the Earth can offer wonderful experiences and many types of nutrients to an incredible number of beings, if they act in dimensional balance and not in egoic imbalance …. We have done wrong and brought the Earth near catastrophe….this our Mother Earth has its equilibrium we upset, she has her Operating System that we unbalance every moment ,for we behave unbalanced, she has a conscience and Essence that we do not perceive anymore and we trespass all time..since too long..we must change ‘fore too late..
If we go on like this,the physical planet soon will be uninhabitable as a result of our deeds. On the other hand, if we change course of action ,moving from exploitation to cooperation, from war to peace, from violence to respect then a livable New Earth arises from the ashes of the Old DarkOrder,as we act in a sustainable manner, in uplifting collaboration.we have very short time ..left to try…

First we have to change …. inside, then clean the earth: in all aspects, in all the elements now poisoned and poisoning: earth water fire air ether and so ‘on,
change our operating system from selfish closed to multidimensional open
… passing from pain-illness-death to joy- health-life …

we have much to do and will be ‘a pleasant adventure
do you feel like changing/transmuting or would you rather sleep / die? Don’t need superpowers, just good will’
listen and consider our statement: meditate upon
it is short declareation: we believe in deeds not words


We intend


If you are in resonance, in harmonic agreement and / or want to cooperate and / or to know more ‘and be informed of initiatives, proposals, actions, operations,missions,campaigns,etc..
Send your addresses, links,ETC.
So together we can manifest the New Earth
Through Cocreations,meetings, parties,actions,cleanings,
, initiatives,, exchanges,shares,collaborations,services,helps, renovations,
transmuting a hell polluted and uninhabitable in that wonderful jewel that this planet of ours in essence truly is…
Your ideas, suggestions welcome … Thanks

momentary address:
terra splendida
OPERAZIONE Cooperazione per la vita 2013

Viviamo su un Pianeta potenzialmente splendido per vivere ,se rispettata la Terra puo’ offrire meravigliose esperienze e tanti tipi di nutrimenti a un numero incredibile di esseri, se agiscono in equilibrio dimensionale e non in squilibrio egoico….Abbiamo agito male e portato la Terra vicino alla catastrofe totale.La Terra ha i suoi equilibri che noi abbiamo sconvolto,lei ha in suo Sistema Operativo che noi sventriamo ogni istante ,lei ha una sua Coscienza ed Essenza che noi non percepiamo piu’.
Se continuiamo come ora e da secoli presto il Pianeta fisico sara’ inabitabile ,a causa del nostro operato .Ma se cambiamo modo di agire passando da sfruttamento a cooperazione ,da guerre a pace,da violenza a rispetto allora nascera’ una Nuova Terra vivibile perche agiamo in modo sostenibile ,in collaborazione evolutiva.Abbiamo pochissimo tempo ..
….Per prima cosa dobbiamo cambiare dentro ,poi pulire la Terra :in tutti gli aspetti,in tutti gli elementi ora avvelenati ed avvelenanti :terra acqua fuoco aria etere e cosi’ via ,cambiare nostro sistema operativo da egoistico chiuso a multidimensionale aperto…passando da dolore-malattia-morte a gioia-salute-vita…

abbiamo molto da fare e sara’ una piacevole avventura
te la senti o preferisci dormire/morire?Non c’e’ bisogno di superpoteri ma di buona volonta’
ascolta e medita la nostra dichiarazione: E’ breve :noi crediamo nei fatti non nelle parole


Noi intendiamo


Se sei in risonanza ,in accordo armonico e/o vuoi cooperare e/o sapere di piu’ ed esser informato/a su iniziative,proposte,azioni etc .
Manda tuoi indirizzi,link,
Potremo cosi manifestare insieme la Nuova Terra
Attraverso incontri,feste,azioni,pulizia,incontri,iniziative,scambi,condivisioni,collaborazioni,servizi,aiuti,risanamenti ,cocreazioni,trasmutando un inferno inquinato ed invivibile nel gioiello meraviglioso che veramente in essenza e’
Tue idee,proposte benvenute…Grazie

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terra splendida

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rainbowbanner3thank you

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om this is a loud heavy call but also a gentle whisper thru’ Eternity.
best blessings for oness thruth cosmic consciousness:
i work for these goals and for and with Gaia also in this 3d life,since the 70’s and consciously:strong energies,great experiencies,…
.i am also only a spark, an apparently individualized unit like many humans, so i am a Multidimensional light being in joyful-limitlessexpansion but i am also a limited-little and blinded 3d partial aspect in a low frequency-phase:a difficult situation sometimes-nowadays..
but with the Help of the InfiniteSpirit/Source everything is possible …

hence after last Arcturian-Galactics messages i am starting a
group opening of a Special Portal in Gaia’S bodies

:to be part of this Mission,it is strongly requested:
real unconditional love and muldimensional light flow,mastery over our energies(includ.emotion,thougths…),
concentration,visualization,…some cosmiconsciousness….breath control..innocence-purity…infinite cosmic strength….bravery..wisdom..unity—

Name of the Portal and of the mission-crew:

Polar Oness( i feel-guess)

Portal map:

It goes from thearea of the NorthPole (across-thru’) to the area of the South Pole :including the corridor-nadi connecting the two opposite polarities and local areas above and below

It could begin with a light-love projection to Gaia as a whole,then to her elementals ,then to her ethers,then to what contains all of these energies ,then to What contains and gives life to All frequencywaves,to all energies and dimensions and to ITS CORE we have to link with SOURCE-Allthatis,this means also 12th dimension and beyond…(let’s remember the Roots deep into Gaia’s Core…and love,,)
then connected with Source we resonate to best chances of possible/probable realities of renewal,renassaince,evolution,truth,peace,respect,oneness..
if you/we just succed in simply becoming like a pure child ,a transparent khristal,a wild tree,a cetacean,a mountain,a bird,a snake……….. :that would more than suffice if done in GOODWILL….
dont stick to the outer appearence of this message ,be instead the wonderful
cocreator……….you always,
were/are/will be…
Times :
specific decided times and/or just in the NOW ,whenever you feel in resonance:both ways are welcome..this is a multidimensional operation..

please forgive my english and my delays on the WEB but living half in the Wild has its apparent polarities..pros and cons,i can go on the WEB only some times…but i/we always can meet/share in the limitless space of the everpresent NOW……………..i embrace you all with deep respect,great gratitude and best blessings

blaze blaze blaze the vilolet Fire …………………………..

om beloved brave warriors for Life ,keepers of Land,holders of Truth and Oness….
thank you from Gaia,Kosmik mother ,HomeFamilies,Life as a Whole
and from
Alex alfa (youtube account :sosoneworld)

we are one
PS:i do feel to go to California(or close to) before the end of december 2012
it is not for fun or curiosity :i feel i have to to something very important and serious things in CosmicConsciousness.Is there any goodwill being who can give advice and info to a european(see me on youtube) never been in USA? i mean chepflights and so on .i dont have problem with OfficialLaw,
i do like to be indipendent but in this case i may need some resonant beings to help me in Cosmic-cooperation and also in finding places where to stay for short lenghts of time…most of all work-Service for Truth and Gaia together with Gelestials,Galactics,Ascended M.,SOURCE and beyond/within…
in the meanwhile i am finding money,passport..
most of all i look for people with whom put into practice all this Love-light.5d leaderless leadership surely is gonna help..
Probably if could say to the USA embassy that i will be someone’S guest there
in america then Visa and all else could flow more easily
i dont pretend anything..
i declare: i have no selfish aims
i look for Truth,Oness,Service….

Service is the Jewel in the Rock of Attainment(George King founder of Aetherius So.)

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ascension truth cooperation

our states of consciousness are so selfish,lazy,dark
I want to change FOR THE BEST ,do you want too?
CALL ME WRITE TO ME all addresses in previous posts
via mobile only Short Messages Service

VOGLIO CAMBIARE per il meglio
lo vuoi anche tu?
potremmo cooperare
scrivi :
indirizzi nei post precedenti
via cellulare solo SMS

e-mail  .

mobile for messages only (english) +39 339 6616625

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matrix of illusion

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